Rendering evolution

Rendering evolution

I was waiting for unreal engine 5 release, but creating assets without the post-process shader was getting tricky. So I decided to move forward while keeping in mind that I will have to tweak things later.

The new post-process shader filters color and highlights depth differences to make things look more “cartoonish”, while making characters and items “pop-out” so the image get easier to read.
Detail for nerds : light hitting characters is cut along a LUT.

Here is a day cycle :

It allowed me to adjust some weapons effects, outfits and foliage :

Some new weapons and related effects ( and “”cooler”” fire ! 🤩🔥 )

Last but not least, the user interface has been revamped to offert better readability :

Obviously, nothing is set in stone and everything can still evolve, especially when Unreal Engine 5 is released (when it will really be out, in 5.0 at least).

Please feel free to check “roadmap” menu on this website along with (a)social networks to stay up to date about the project.

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