Stranded in Outer Space in a nutshell

Stranded in Outer Space in a nutshell

Stranded in Outer Space is not huge AAAaaaa++ collector season of battle pass premium …
Just a passion project.

Stranded in Outer Space draws it’s inspiration from more than 30 years of video games, be it shooting, building, platform, action… But also in books, movies and series. Nothing beats a shot of Discworld to make you feel good ! Or of course Star Wars, Dune, Robot, Foundation, Lord of the Rings, Silmarillion… Ok stop ! I’ll try to summarize !

In a Nutshell

Stranded in Outer Space is an exploration and survival multiplayer third person game.

Three key concepts : Crafting/Building, Exploration, and Dynamic Handling. Add some “RPG” progression elements through practice without skill tree and you get a compelling game loop where you don’t need to hide in order to set your skill points that would always end up in the same place anyway.

Everything is designed to allow solo or multiplayer gameplay, wether it’s online, LAN, or Direct IP connection. If, at some point in the future, some elements need an online account, everything would be done to avoid limiting the game Offline.

The World

The game takes place on a typical fantasy world that has undergone some “slight” climate change. You’re a Mana seeker, a very sought-after commodity used for Space travel. The “Folding” engines use it to fold Space around you and get you to the other side of a galaxy.
A high density has been detected on this planet, but because of the huge disturbances, most seekers won’t take a chance exploring it.

Your character comes from a species with copper rich blood, whose members breed by parthenogenesis. Meaning that like Namekians in Dragonball, they are not gendered and their skins are green. But they are mammals.

Game Modes

The base game mode is “sandbox”. Players are free to explore, build fight each-other… In solo, small groups or more. A dedicated server will be available.

Later, an additional game mode will be included, where players will have to find a way to get out of this world.

Old dev screenshot, but shows UI

Key points :

Cosmetics :

The player must be able to choose their appearance at least a little, to stand out.
This is so important to some people that many companies over-monetize this aspect of games.

Stranded in Outer Space offers a basic character editor: set proportions and adjust the colors of the suit.

Later, in game, it is possible to buy stuff with diamonds… I’m kidding !
You can, for instance, harvest fruits and extract dyes from them. These dyes can be applied to a piece of equipment using the appropriate workbench. One you have built or borrowed.

Of course, Stranded in Outer Space is a project in development, so the visual elements may change and the features may evolve slightly.

Lan and Online services

Some online services limit the offline or cross-platform. Unreal Engine only allows one driver for it’s subsystem. I’m trying to come-up with something. I’ll keep you posted !

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