Sorry I’m late but !

Sorry I’m late but !

Sorry I’m late but here is why !

Bugs, compatibility issues and rendering changes…

I’ve started working on a demo of Stranded in Outer Space. It will use Epic Online Services for online matchmaking and probably feature FSR 2 for quality and performances boost.

I’ve encountered a lot of issues with Lumen and realtime hardware ray tracing, with nanite and bugs that want to activate it on incompatible transparent | masked mashes, buggy landscape layers, buggy foliage in Word Partition mode (new landscape slicing system that loads | unloads parts of the map)…. And “Spacially” loaded elements can’t call permanent one (The other way would make sense but here… No idea why), A true delight ! And I forget about tons of issues. Unreal Engine 5 might be beautiful, it’s a bug fest !

I revisited the rendering to better use Lumen. No more lighting “cut” attempt, I’m focusing more on deeper “contrast” and a slightly emitting foliage to improve overall readability. We loose a bit of “cartoon” but the immersion is much improved !

Anyway, I’m catching up and hope I’ll be able to show much more of Stranded in Outer Space and open the Steam Page (in the making) as soon as possible !

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