New Scanner and POI (Points Of Interest)

New Scanner and POI (Points Of Interest)

I didn’t like really the helmet Head-Up Display “scanner” mode because it was limited to buildings and workbenches.

So I decided to to rebuild it in a more universal and useful way !

New features :

Usable items highlighting

Usable items around the player (Take or grab and move) are displayed as shades of white.

Of course, they keep being highlighted in green when focused and usable.

Points of Interest (POIs)

You can put POIs anywhere by pointing and clicking. Once in-place, these points can be seen from anywhere on the map, helping you find your way.

Points of interest are scaled down when the player is not looking straight at them to avoid blocking the view.

When a point is under the crosshair, it get highlighted and you can click to change its settings. You can change its color or title and of course, delete it.

Click the OK button or outside the frame to immediately close this menu.

Of course, these points are only visible when using the helmet scanner.

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