Ai basics

Ai basics

In Stranded in Outer Space, Artificial intelligence is using a dynamic navigation mesh (geometric shape traced on top of the environment to determine possible paths) generated dynamically around the characters.

Ais can wait, patrol, seek for some noise origin, attack at close or long distance or of course flee or hide.


The Ai is “roaming”. It’s trying to find from where players could come or where they could hide.

Seems like it will decide to go check between the blocks


Something happened. Probably a sound. The AI decided to seek for the origin.
Once arrived, it starts wondering where the player could have gone.

It chose behind the rock (up).


Some creatures can run away from you when you attack them or spook them in general.
They will try to get out of your sight as well as putting as much distance as possible.

It chose to go behind the left block.


Some creature can choose to hide instead of fleeing.
They will try to get out of any player sight.

It chose to hide far behind the left block, not get trapped between the two. It there was another player at left, it might have chosen otherwise.

Of course, if a creature meets a player, it’s reactions can vary.
Beware of seemingly cowardly behavior…

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