Green skins and their “Tools”

Green skins and their “Tools”

Welcome explorer friends !

I would like to introduce you to two of this world lovely inhabitants and their traditional “tools” .

Mr Pak’owsh Bump & Mr G’Nah Ahrg

Specialties :

Unlikely crafts and highly mess– risky ideas.

Tenderizing meat +
skull plowing

Here are our lovely friends favorite tools :

The Goblin Club

Traditional too made of a wooden handle and all sorts of recycled elements plugged inside.
(Goblins are great ecologists, nothing is wasted !)

Orc Axe

Heavy, rusty, worn and loosely cutting, but a reliable asset in case of tense diplomatic situation.
Not the best tool for wood cutting.

Many other “friends” will show up in Stranded in Outer Space. Project in development. For more information, please check the Info and Roadmap menus form time to times.

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