février 28

Non-player things

  • Improve Torches supports
  • Improve mana lightning strikes. Make it fearsome !
  • Debug and improve sprint switch
  • Add Steel armor
  • Add Sci-fi guns
  • Improve AI aggro with a dynamic points system
  • Add Green skins
  • Improve village generator
  • UE5 released ? Maybe port ?
décembre 31

She liiiives !

  • Fully implement mana thunder clouds.
  • Improve stars background post-process to give the best visuals at any height
  • Improve day / night lighting for better gameplay experience
  • Add Teleportation Node Thrower
  • Improve ledge climbing, make it smoother
  • Improve unarmed jump and jetpack animations, avoid frontal overlap when colliding
  • Add physics to items when a player is near (to avoid unnecessary resources consumption)
  • Add “telekinetic” control over items, allowing player to move / store them where they want
  • Add Choice to keep sprint key pressed to sprint or toggle sprint with this key.
  • Add Tallow and Rags. Rags can be recycled in rolls of fabric
  • Pray for UE5.0 release
  • Add Mana Mixer and staves crafting
  • Add Character and base spacesuit colors customization.
  • Add Character customization menu (more like “proportions” and colors) when entering a game for the first time
  • Add Iron armor
  • Add Torch (“building” and handheld)
octobre 31

More stuff, more craft

  • Improve dodge timings
  • Add fire and lightning magical swords
  • Add Cloth production bench
  • Start writing some village ruins generators
  • Pray for UE5 again
  • Add Recycling Gun
  • Improve menus with mouse and game controller
  • Improve ballistics to simulate bullet “speed”
  • New “cartoonish” Post-process Shader
  • Respawn selection improvement, with anti-stuck and collision issues function.
  • Beautiful (Of Course ! :-p) new Fire effects
  • Improved animation control for non-rootmotion animations, allowing, like dodge, player to re-orient or cancel chained melee attacks.
  • Revamp Crafts leveling and the related UI.
  • Add low nutrients and H2O consequences
  • Add contamination consequences and vFX
août 31

Fight !

  • Fix AI navigation issues
  • Improve movement and fight fluidity
  • New “Aim Down Sights”
  • Add Runic Robes
  • Add Runic Ink, Fabric roll
  • Rewrite damages types, influencing base Armor value :
    – Physical part : Piercing, Blunt, Slash
    – Elemental part : Fire, Ice, Wind, Earth, Light, Darkness
  • Rewrite anti-grav belt
  • Add Jetpack
  • Pray for unreal engine 5 quick release
  • Rest a bit ’cause … 👻😵
juin 30

Problems, water and heights

  • Fix my computer and other pressing issues
  • Re-model giant trees and improve textures
  • Add pure water flower fountains
  • Finish Leather chest and legs Armor
  • Add backpacks, jetpack and climbing claws
  • Improve and optimize water and falls (not use Epic one, not convenient here)
  • Add environment details
avril 30


  • Rebuild the basic map at a better scale with resources in place
  • Damages types and Elements
  • Add crossbow and magic staves
  • Add Spike Traps and “spikey” defensive walls
  • Add Endurance and Jump stats
  • Improve multiplayer characters spawning
  • Update armor stats data tables and UI information
  • Optimize Weapons, armors, resources LODs and textures
février 28


  • improve fire arms
  • add powder and cells production
  • add ammo production
  • Fix a huge bug due to some UE4.25 landscape major bug
  • Upgrade to UE4.26
  • Scanner and ability to mark “machines”
  • Add Building Stat + Level
  • Add basic “Dungeon”
décembre 31

Craft Basics

Finish craft basics :

  • Stones, flax, berries, meat, water (polluted or not), etc…
  • Transformation : workbenches, Cooking, cutting, parts creation…
  • Basic weapons : pickaxe, hatchet, hammer, wooden sword…


novembre 18

First AI

Basic AI enemies able to attack, roam, run including :

  • Skeletons attacking, taking fire, “feeling” hits and falling apart when die.
  • Wolves attaking, tracking.

Items Drops added.

août 1

Gameplay basics

Basic mouse and keyboard + gamepad basic movements incuding :

  • directional moves
  • free “roll” dodge
  • edge climbing
  • crouched movement
  • Melee with and without weapon attacks + ranged attacks
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